Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my supplementary site on the Greek Royal Family. As I was doing my updates for the Greek Royal Site, I noticed that I had one too many photos that I wanted to upload, especially in regards to the Royal Wedding of 1964. So I decided to create a separate site for the wedding of HM King Constantine II of Greece and HRH Princess Anne Marie of Denmark. This site will feature tons of photos and text taken from the couples engagement on January 23,1963 to the wedding itself and the celebrations surrounding one of the greatest royal weddings in history.

This site will be linked to the parent site but will also be available separately just in case bandwidth problems should occur with one or both.

I would like to thank everyone who sent me photos over the past few months and who were also very patient with me while I tried to learn my way around Dreamweaver. The site is not yet completed, many more pages and text to come.....

Thank You's:

Shorna: My friend and sister. I cannot believe that it has been 4 years, but you have been with me through it all: personal as well as public. Thanks for all the support that you gave me in all my endeavors. Also thanks for scanning me oodles of pics when I first started my web pages till now and thanks for answering my questions in regards to Dreamweaver. Your a peach.

Claudia: Wonderful thanks for all the support through the last few months and for all the hundreds of photos that you bombarded me with me on the daily.

Cindy: Wonderful thanks for all the info and books that you continue to send me. The Miller and Greek Site would never be the same without all your contributions.

Marie: Wonderful thanks for all the help, support and contributions that you have sent along the way. So many beautiful photos that will make this site and my Greek Site one of the best and most thorough on the web. Thanks Bunches. P.S. I am still jealous that you are got to go to Denmark.

I would also love to thank: Becky, Brandy, Toni, Sylvia, Cuervo and to everyone else who has helped create this site in some way.


Thanks and Enjoy,


A Royal Love